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With varied starting dates and sessions from six days to four weeks, you're sure to find one that will fit your summer schedule.

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  • I never got to be a camper as a kid. My only experiences of camp have been in the role of counselor at Keystone, and given how much I love it I can only imagine being a camper is that much better. Helping to make camp fun, seeing campers achieve goals they never thought possible, being part of an amazing community, and so much more make summers at Keystone the best part of my year.
    Rebecca, Staff
  • Working at Keystone Camp is like being part of a family. You always have endless support and encouragement from all staff members any time of the day. Being a part of this family has given me the opportunity to form life-long friendships, learn new skills, and make a lasting impact on campers’ lives. At camp you are always encouraged to be the best version of yourself, to be there and to love one another and I think that’s what makes Keystone such a special community.
    Lauren, Staff
  • For me, Keystone was a place where I was able to step out of my comfort zone, and finally find a place where I belonged. I met amazing people and built everlasting friendships that I will be forever grateful. Keystone will always be a special place for me, and I cannot wait to spend another summer there!
    Anna, Staff
  • I think what you all do, and the things that you stand for, are incredible.
    Taylor, Staff
  • Reading Page’s blog over the last 4 weeks and watching daily photos, not only I felt I was there, but I also realized it was more than a job, but your true caring commitment in building our child.
    Jerome, Dad
  • The girls had an excellent experience with the fun activities, learning opportunities, and terrific friends and role models!
    Jennifer, Mom
  • Madeleine went on and on about the food…NEVER has she been that excited about food!
    Nancy, Mom
  • I am forever in your debt for helping my daughters grow, keeping watch, showing them right from wrong, building that self-confidence, allowing them to become self-aware and loving them.
    Julie, Mom
  • In Grayson’s short week at Keystone you returned to us a more confident, independent girl.
    Alison, Mom
  • Your daily blog and photo meant the world to this nervous mama!
    Alison, Mom
  • Grayson speaks fondly of Keystone on a daily basis! She is begging to go back for two weeks next year.
    Alison, Mom
  • We are very proud of Morgan’s independence, willingness to try new things, and being accepting of others.
    Richard, Dad
  • We know Keystone played an important role in the foundation of her success.
    Richard, Dad