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What We Eat

As you can imagine, mealtimes at Keystone are very important parts of our days.

We eat by cabins on Sundays, and during the rest of the week, we are assigned to tables by something we have in common with one another…just another way we all get to know each other at camp. A counselor sits at each end of the table along with 8 campers. The menus for the summer are carefully planned by Page, and we have several food traditions.

The opening night of each session is always spaghetti night, and each Sunday finds us enjoying Ms. Bertha’s famous hand-dipped fried chicken. We are truly spoiled by Ms. Bertha’s presence in our kitchen for the past 43 years. She treats each camper as one of her grandchildren and takes great pride in delivering delicious meals to us.

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We plan our meals around providing choices for our girls. Food is served in a modified cafeteria style so that the girls go through the line to pick up their entree. It is their choice what goes on their plate, so we feel very able to work with picky eaters. For spaghetti night, the choice would be plain spaghetti noodles, noodles with a meat sauce or noodles with a marinara sauce. A vegetarian selection is available at each meal. Bread, vegetables, and beverages are on the tables family-style. Milk and water are available at all three meals. We source our food locally as much as we can. One of our favorite meat purveyors is Hickory Nut Gap Farm.

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We offer a full salad bar with several sources of protein at both lunch and dinner. In addition to the standard salad greens and vegetables, you will find cottage cheese, tuna, black beans, garbanzo beans, hummus, sliced turkey, sliced ham, and two or three varieties of sliced cheese. During breakfast, the salad bar is used to feature multiple cereal choices, granola, individual and plain yogurt, fresh fruit, and a canned fruit. Bagels and toast are available every morning in addition to the main selections on the serving line.

With our attention to the individual camper, we are able to accommodate most food allergies. If you have specific questions about food allergies, please contact us.