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Tips for Parents

Read on for helpful tips from real camp parents.

  • Make sure that your daughter, especially if she is younger, has experience handling daily hygiene, i.e. brushing her hair, taking a shower, brushing her teeth. Counselors are there to help your daughter out but it is important that she comes to camp with these skills.
  • Every morning the girls participate in cabin cleanup. We have found that it is easier for the girls if they have already learned how to make their bed as well as some cleaning skills such as sweeping.
  • At camp we eat our meals in a modified family style. It is helpful to your daughter if she practices passing dishes, serving herself, as well as learning to cut her meat before coming to camp.
  • When packing your daughter up for camp try to make it something fun that you do together. It is important and helpful to your daughter if she knows what is in her trunk and where to find things. Doing this also makes it easier for her to pack her trunk when she leaves.
  • The girls do have some occasional down time in their cabin. You may want to pack some card games, coloring books, mad libs, and/or reading books for you daughter to enjoy by herself or with a buddy during these times.