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Tips for Parents

Read on for helpful tips from real camp parents.

  • If your daughter isn’t used to sleeping away from home, we recommend setting up some practice times. Have her spend the night away at a few friends’ homes and/or relatives.
  • Make sure your daughter, especially if she is younger, has experience handling daily hygiene, including brushing/combing her hair, brushing her teeth, taking a shower, washing her hair, etc. Counselors are there to help your daughter, but it is important she comes to camp with these skills.
  • Every morning the girls participate in cabin cleanup. We have found it is easier for the girls if they have already learned some basic skills, such as how to make their bed, sweep the floor, and fold their clothes.
  • At camp we eat our meals in a modified family style. It is helpful if your daughter practices passing dishes, serving herself (and with appropriate portion sizes), and cutting her meat before coming to camp.
  • When packing for camp, be sure to include your daughter. Make it something fun you do together. It is important for her to know what she has and where to find it. This will also make it easier for her to pack her trunk at the end of her session.
  • The girls do have some occasional downtime in their cabin. You may want to pack a few card games, coloring books and crayons, mad libs, etc. for your daughter to enjoy alone or with a buddy.
  • While we work to help girls learn self-advocacy while they are here at camp, it is always good to prepare ahead of time so your daughter understands what it looks like to ask for help when she needs it or is unsure of what to do.