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From packing them to shipping them - learn more about trunks here.

Only one footlocker and one duffle bag may be brought to camp (or two comparable bags). Trunks may arrive at camp in your car, on the airplane, or shipped by courier. Trunks will be delivered to your cabin by our maintenance crew upon arrival. When filling out your transportation form, please check off how your daughter’s bags will be arriving at camp.


Shipping trunks to camp is very convenient. We highly recommend shipping your trunk if your daughter is flying due to recent changes in airport security and luggage requirements. It makes airport procedures go much more smoothly to have the camper’s major luggage already at camp. UPS, Federal Express and other couriers deliver to camp. The shipping address is:

Your daughter’s name (first and last name) Keystone Camp
101 Keystone Camp Road
Brevard, NC 28712

Shipping via the Brevard UPS Store

If you are thinking about shipping your trunk we strongly suggest contacting our local UPS store. If you ship both ways through them they are able to offer a discount. You can reach them at (828) 883-4701 and they will coordinate everything with you. You can also submit your shipping information to the Brevard UPS Store online. We will also include a form on your forms dashboard for you to complete and return directly to the UPS Brevard store.