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Daily Schedule

At Keystone Camp, no two counselor schedules are the same.

Counselor Life

Campers have their own individual schedule and so do you. You will teach or assist in six periods a day with one free period. A counselor needs to be adaptable, since your schedule has the potential to be different everyday. Take a look at our activities page to see what you could be teaching this summer.

Sunday is different. Scheduled activities run from Monday through Saturday. On Sunday we have a morning campfire based on one of our core values: Friendship, Leadership, Integrity, Respect, Trust, and Community. This is a non-denominational service as we have many girls from different religious backgrounds. The rest of the day is spent relaxing in the cabin and participating in whole camp activities. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing with llamas, celebrating Christmas, or eating cotton candy at our carnival!

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Meal times

At Keystone, we eat all three meals together in our dining hall. We start each meal by singing a blessing. You and another counselor will sit at the head of a table of ten and enjoy a delicious meal.

The food is served in modified cafeteria style. Side dishes, drinks, and condiments are at the table, and our cooks will serve you your entree at the hot bar. There is always a vegetarian selection.

In addition, at breakfast there are always bagels, cereal, fresh fruit, and yogurt. A full salad bar is available is at lunch and dinner in addition to the our entrees.