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Everything you need to know about Health and Medications at Keystone

The Inn

Keystone has two registered nurses who live on the camp property and are available to us 24 hours a day. They are responsible for dispensing any medications your daughter may need while she is at camp. We also have a physician who makes weekly house calls to camp to address any minor problems with our campers. The Transylvania Regional Hospital is only 10 minutes away if an emergency arises. Should your daughter need to be seen by a specialist, we will arrange an appointment for her. You will be responsible for paying all medical bills promptly. (The services of the camp infirmary and weekly visit from physician are furnished without charge).

Absolutely no medications are allowed to be kept in the cabin; they must be turned into the nurse on opening day. This includes vitamins and any over-the-counter drugs. We also keep almost every over-the-counter drug in stock, so unless your daughter needs something daily or on a regular basis, please leave it at home. Our nurses will administer all medications at the time they are needed, and in the case of an overnight trip the nurse will make arrangements with your daughter’s trip leader.

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Our nurses will contact you for the following reasons:

  • A decision has been made that your camper will be seen by the camp doctor, either here on site, or at a doctor’s office
  • At the conclusion of the visit with the doctor
  • A child has spent or will be spending the night in the camp infirmary
  • There is a questions with a medication or treatment
  • A child has an allergic reaction
  • A fall or injury at the barn

During our staff training all of our staff becomes First Aid and CPR certified as well as undergo epi-pen training. The majority of our staff is also lifeguard certified and are regularly drilled throughout the summer to keep our waterfront activities safe. Note: The local doctors’ offices will not file insurance claims for campers. We will keep copies of all receipts, so you can file any claims yourself.

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Medications at Camp

A medication is anything taken to treat or manage a condition or symptoms on a daily basis. This includes all prescribed medications, daily over-the-counter medications, and supplements including daily vitamins. All medications must be kept in the infirmary with the exception of secondary epi-pens and inhalers, or prescribed dermatological creams.

To ensure each camper’s health and safety we require a prescription for all daily medications including over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements. For example, if your daughter takes an over-the-counter Zyrtec and a multivitamin daily, your doctor or licensed provider must write a prescription for both of these and it should be filled according to our guidelines. This may require a call to your child’s physician, but most are willing to work with you on getting this done for camp. There is also a place on the Physican’s Examination form for your doctor to write this information.

Keystone Camp requires that all prescribed medications, daily OTC medications, and all vitamins/supplements be blister packaged and dispensed according to our guidelines.

In order to make opening day run smoothly we ask that you have all your child’s medications labeled and in a ziplock bag to hand over to the nurses during check-in procedures. We will have a pharmacist on site to blister pack medications, and we provide this service for a small fee that will be added to your account after opening day. Some local pharmacies will blister pack medications for you. However, it is our experience that large chains, such as CVS and Walgreens, do not offer this service. We have more detailed information regarding medications and blister packing in our parent handbook.