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Mail, Phone, & Email

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Your daughter’s mailing address while at camp is:

Your Daughter’s Name (first and last name)
Cabin Name
Keystone Camp
101 Keystone Camp Road
Brevard, NC 28712

When you write your daughter, it is generally best to ask about her experiences at camp or to comment on what she has already written. Numerous references to home, family, pets or saying “we miss you” excessively can turn a borderline homesickness case into a full-blown case. If you have concerns about the letters you receive, we are happy to help. You can call the camp office, which is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. For additional news from camp, you will receive a letter from your daughter’s counselor during the session.


Since our phone facilities are very limited and we are a technology-free camp, we do not permit campers to use the phone except in the case of an emergency, and then the director must clear the call. If you have concerns about your daughter, please feel free to call Jazz at 828-884-9125.

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Keystone offers a two-way email service in which parents are able to send emails to their camper through your account on our webpage, and receive a hand-written reply (if a camper so chooses). The emails are printed every day except Sundays and are delivered to your camper’s mailbox. Emails cost $1.00 each.

  1. You must first purchase CampStamps in order to send emails. Click the “CampStamps” link at the top of the page to manage your CampStamps
  2. Select the check box next to the camper you wish to receive the email. You may select more than one camper. You will be charged one CampStamp for each camper you select.
  3. You may also choose an optional stationery for an additional CampStamp. We do not print our emails in color.
  4. Write your message in the text box.
  5. After composing your email you will find a box that you can check off to receive a response letter from your camper. This service is optional and will cost an additional CampStamp. The response letter will be hand written, but will be uploaded to your CampInTouch account around 6 pm each day. Please send your camper with pens for email responses. Our scanner does not read pencil and the response may not be sent.
  6. You may preview the email before you send. Hit the “Send Email” button at the end of the page to submit the email.
  7. We will print emails at 12:00PM every day except Sundays. You must send the email before this time for it to arrive same-day. If campers choose to write a response, it will be uploaded to your account around 6 pm each day except Sundays.