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Job Descriptions

Benefits for all Summer Staff

  • Time Off: Staff are provided 9 nights (5:00 pm to 12:00) and 9 days (5:50 pm to 5:50 pm) during the 10 week summer. At this time, staff may leave camp and explore the surrounding cities, waterfalls, national forests, and state parks. The Counselor Room is a camper free zone on camp where staff may keep their electronics. This room also contains a full kitchen and beds for counselors to use during time off.
  • Room & Board: Housing, meals, and laundry are provided.
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Cabin Staff

Responsibilities: Cabin staff are an essential role to the Keystone community. Cabin counselors live in the cabin with 8-12 girls, lead activities during the day, and run evening programs after dinner. At least 2 counselors live in each cabin, and cabins act like a home away from home, each group becoming like a family.

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Responsibilities: The videographer will be responsible for filming and processing high quality video of campers, staff, activities, and special programs. Videographer will edit and upload videos to camp website and social media on a regular basis.

Qualifications: Videographer must have an understanding of video hardware and video editing programs, organizational skills, and have the ability to engage the subjects of the video. At least one year of experience in videography (college level or equivalent). Familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud and/or Final Cut Pro.

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Adventure Staff

Responsibilities: Adventure staff are non-cabin staff who assist with our adventure activities and their corresponding trips, including–rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, caving, hiking, and camping. Adventure staff will often act as Leads on these trips and will work on developing the on-camp program to ensure the proper instruction of skills. In the evenings, adventure staff will assist with evening programs and activities.

Qualifications: Adventure staff must have experience and training in their area of expertise.

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Barn Staff

Responsibilities: Our barn houses 27 horses during the summer. Barn staff are responsible for the care of the horses, instructing hunter seat riding lessons 6 days per week, and teaching horse grooming and horse care. Riding and schooling of horses takes place in the evenings.

Qualifications: Minimum of 3 years of riding experience as well as a basic knowledge of horse care.

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General Kitchen Staff

Responsibilities: Kitchen staff will rotate between kitchen duties, including food prep, dish washing, cooking, and cleaning. Kitchen staff will also rotate through laundry duty each week; washing, drying, and folding laundry for campers and staff.

Qualifications: Applicant must be flexible and able to work in a fast paced environment, producing food for up to 200 people per meal. Applicants must be able to communicate and work with the rest of the kitchen staff and follow instruction given by the kitchen manager in a timely and organized fashion.

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Kitchen Manager

Responsibilities: The Kitchen Manager will be responsible for ordering foods, scheduling kitchen staff, inventorying food, overseeing the the kitchen staff, and assisting with food preparation and normal kitchen responsibilities.

Qualifications: Must be 21 or older and have previous experience managing a culinary establishment. Required ServSafe certification. Manager must have experience managing stock, placing food orders, supervising and scheduling staff, and following food safety guidelines. Applicant must be flexible and able to work in a fast paced environment, producing food for up to 200 people per meal.

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