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Food & Packages

Learn when you can send packages to your camper.

Package Policy

Our philosophy is that allowing packages creates a competitive environment with campers trying to receive the best package or the most packages. Therefore, any package we receive WILL BE HELD UNTIL THE END OF CAMP OR RETURNED TO SENDER UNOPENED. We consider a package to be anything bigger than a standard sized envelope. Envelopes must also be flat, so please no pens, charms or other trinkets, magazines, books, cds, or forgotten articles of clothing. Absolutely no candy or gum please. Unless it is crucial to your daughter’s health or hygiene, she will need to do without forgotten items for the short time that she is at camp. We encourage you to be mindful when packing to be sure that you have everything in order. Please help us by letting any appropriate friends and family know about this policy. We do allow fruit baskets and decorated watermelons to be delivered to campers from a local company, CampPacs.

If your camper has forgotten something essential from home, please call the camp office to have it approved before being sent. If it is not approved, it will be returned unopened. Also, our Tuck Mom can purchase overlooked necessities in Brevard. Thank you for your support on this tough subject.