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Medications at Camp

Medications at Camp

A medication is anything taken to treat or manage a condition or symptoms on a daily basis. This includes all prescribed medications, daily over-the-counter medications, and supplements including daily vitamins. All medications must be kept in the infirmary with the exception of secondary epi-pens and inhalers, or prescribed dermatological creams.

To ensure camper health and safety we require all medications arrive at camp in blister packages. This applies to any medication, prescription or over-the counter, vitamins and supplements, taken by the camper on a daily basis, and not in a liquid, cream, or inhaled form. Blister packs must come from a pharmacy and have a prescription label. All medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, must have a prescription (prescription label) or a note from a licensed provider with the name, dose, and dosing instructions. There is a space to do this on the Physician Exam form for your convenience.

Keystone Camp requires that all prescribed medications, daily OTC medications, and all vitamins/supplements be blister packaged and dispensed according to our guidelines.

In order to make opening day run smoothly we ask that you have the medications blister packed before your daughter’s arrival at camp. This can be done through our local Brevard pharmacy, Gordon’s Family Pharmacy, or at home through your local pharmacy. Please allow time before camp to plan and prepare your daughter’s medications so she has what she needs on opening day. It has been our experience that large chains such as CVS or Walgreens do not offer this service, so please plan accordingly.

If you are not able to have medications blistered packed in advance, on opening day all medications should be placed in a gallon zip lock bag with camper name on outside of the bag to be turned into the nurse at drop off. Please make sure all medications all labeled with camper name. Medications that arrive without blister packs on opening day will incur a $20 fee to package.

Please see below for further detailed instructions and camper forms.