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What kind of person are we looking for?

We are no longer hiring new staff for the summer of 2024. We are accepting returning staff applications for our August session only!

Staff Application

Being a counselor at Keystone Camp is no ordinary summer job…

…and we are not looking to employ just ordinary people. When we hire staff for the summer we look for people that will form the foundation that we base our entire community on. We look for people that we believe would make strong, positive role models in the lives of our campers and be leaders and mentors within our small community. The residential setting means that every choice you make will be observed and potentially replicated by the girls in your care.

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Do you feel that your behavior is role model worthy? We want counselors who are role models, but also not afraid to be silly and have fun! By applying for a summer job at girls camp you are expressing an interest in helping children to develop in a caring, nurturing, and fun environment. If you believe that you have what it takes to lead and help shape the next generation of young women, then or apply today.

There’s no better way to help change girls’ lives in a positive way than by having fun and being yourself with them.