Gonna spend a little time in a Brevard town

Growing up in England, the only exposure to overnight summer camp is the film The Parent Trap, and although I am doubtful I’ll meet my American identical twin, I am excited none the less. I signed up for the cultural exchange program super early (last August!) after feeling the pull of wanderlust whilst spending my summer working full time at a gym and swimming pool, where I spent most of my time behind a reception desk handing people towels.

My application, alongside my very cringey skill showcase video, went live in November and only a few weeks later I had my interview with Heidi and Mary-Elizabeth. They were both so lovely and answered all of my many questions, and I could see no negatives to coming to Keystone Camp for Girls. To obtain an American work visa as a British Citizen you have to make an application and go for an in-person interview at the American Embassy in London, which was very intimidating, but any excuse to go into central London for a shopping trip is a good one!

I am lucky there is no language barrier, however I did find myself in a bit of an embarrassing situation when I had to ask a fellow camp counselor why tennis shoes were on the packing list, when I was not going to be playing any tennis… it turns out they are just normal trainers. I am definitely an over-preparer. Better to have too many pairs of socks then not enough, right? However, American Airlines has other ideas with their baggage allowance, and I will just have to trust the fact that shops do indeed exist in other countries, and I can use them to buy what I cannot fit into my suitcase.

So with just over a week to go I couldn’t be more excited to be making my way to a summer camp for girls in Brevard, North Carolina. I love working with children, and I am teaching activities that I am very passionate about. By the look of the schedule I will be far too busy and having far too much fun to miss home!

With much anticipated joy,

Opi Jones