Halloween Time

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This morning before work I took a stroll down to the canoe lake to visit the ducks. It’s very apparent that fall in North Carolina appeared overnight. Not only do I see my breath, but also the leaves have snapped brilliant shades of red and yellow. The leaves, the chill in the air, and the approach of Halloween has put us in the fall spirit here at Keystone. Campers have also been feeling the fall spirit and have given it their own camp flare! Check out one of our camper’s creative twists on a favorite Keystone evening activity.

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Check out the Keystone Spririt showing up at Halloween. We received this fun note from August camper Ella’s Mom: When Ella came back from Camp, we heard how much fun she had playing a game called Gold Rush. For Ella’s Halloween party, we changed the name from “Gold Rush” to “Orange Crush”. Rocks were spray painted orange and hidden on the golf course behind our back yard. The “Bandits” became “Mummies”(all wrapped for the Halloween party) and were maybe a little too gung-ho to spray their guns (but that’s what happens when you recruit brothers of the girls to spray water guns). At any rate, the girls had an amazing time and loved the game! They filled their rocks in orange buckets and we weighed them on our scale. And since everyone was soaked anyway, they all ended up in the pool! Thank you Keystone Camp for introducing Ella to a great game that can be modified for home fun!

Ella isn’t the only one who got creative for Halloween. Check out the costumes Apple, Duke, and KaCey picked out to wear around Brevard! KaCey loved her bumble bee costume and Apple and Duke were a hit in their matching Ketchup and Mustard outfits. There are always fun costumes to find in the Keystone costume closet!

If only our campers were here to dress up and trick or treat with the pups!

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