The Only Constant in Life is Change…

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The Keystone Crew had a party last evening to celebrate the evitable changes that life has brought our way. We are thanking both Jess Wiegandt and Aaron Siniard for their many contributions to Keystone, and we are welcoming Casey Asbill-Beck as our new Physical Plant Manager.

Aaron has been with Keystone for four years. Many of you may have heard me refer to Aaron as my very own Ted Lasso. The only difference was that I baked treats for him and the rest of the staff. Aaron brought unbelievable patience and great humor to us all. When he first began working at Keystone, he thought he might be able to slow down and relax in this job. He quickly ended up in charge of everything maintenance related, and Aaron always worked as hard and as fast as he could. He is at a point in life where he needs to slow down, and he is moving into a desk job in an air-conditioned office…not really something we can provide at camp.

We will miss Aaron, but being the great guy he is, he found his own replacement in Casey Asbill-Beck. Casey worked with Aaron for two weeks in order to ensure a smooth transition. Casey is thrilled to be outside out of his previous situation of an air-conditioned office! It really seems like kismet. Casey has hit the ground running, and we are thrilled to add him to our team.

Jess Wiegandt has many things on her list to do, one of the most important being finishing her Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Studies from American University. That is something that requires time and attention and camp work is not conducive to such an intense investment of self. You may also know that Jess had a film accepted by PBS in Maryland. She is so talented in bringing important stories to film. Jess has had several other media/film opportunities rise up, and having the flexibility to explore these options is something she wants to be able to do. We fully support Jess in her transition to entrepreneurship. She is staying in Brevard, and we expect to have opportunities to tap into her expertise.

Please join us in wishing Aaron and Jess great success in their new positions, and help us welcome Casey to Keystone. The only constant in life is change.