Reminiscing with Gigi

We loved reminiscing with Gigi Gonzalez about how sweet this past summer was. Gigi will be joining us in our leadership program as an Aide for summer 2021. Hearing stories from our campers and community members always brighten our week. Do you have a story you would like to share? Email it to us at!

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Memories from Gigi Gonzalez

Hi everyone my name is Gigi Gonzalez and I’ve been going to Keystone for four years now. Next year will be my aide year which is something I have been looking forward to since my first year at camp. I genuinely love the environment the camp gives returners and new campers, it’s very loving and welcoming from the second you get out of your car. I’ve continued to go back each year not only to see my friends but to be able to have an escape from the world. I find it amazing that I can have somewhere to go and be myself and always have fun. As well as learning skills and leadership qualities I can use back home.

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This past year was especially important to me that I could go to camp. With everything going on in the world I wanted to be able to have my escape and have fun. Thank goodness all pulled through and I was able to go, and I can say that this summer was my best yet. I had so much time to get closer with my cabin and counselors. One of my favorite moments happened when my cabin went up to the blue ridge parkway for our cabin adventure, we enjoyed the view and ate pancakes with m&ms. As the sunset, we talked about our lives at home catching up with each other. Taking many photos with our disposal cameras that I can say turned out very funny. All in all, I am very thankful for Keystone Camp not only for being an amazing environment but for helping turn me into the girl I am today.

P.S. What can I say except you’re welcome for banquet, June 2021

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