It’s the Simple Things

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Here we are a week into our 2nd session, and we continue to be amazed at the joys we are finding in the simplest of things: friendships, togetherness, activities, evening programs and sharing meals. Breakfast on the green is a super fun way to start a day! Waffles and strawberries kicked off our 4th of July celebration. If you followed the Instagram posts from yesterday, we managed to recreate some of the best parts of our traditional 4th starting with our annual 5K. Yes, this usually finds us in downtown Brevard running the Firecracker 5K and taking the top spots in several age groups, but we staged our own. With one of the favorite barn pigs, Canola, as our pacesetter, it was quite a run. Needless to say, everyone outpaced Canola! It was also a gamechanger to have the entire camp community cheering on our runners. We all got to participate!

When I was spending time with cabin Fairview this morning, they were telling me how much they love all of the animals roaming around camp. My small flock of ducks has to be coaxed into the water each day, so it is nice to have a cabin to help with that effort. The 4th of July show was definitely stolen by the geese, Cynthia and Samantha. The “girls” dressed appropriately for the occasion. Cynthia was dressed in a delightful red, white and blue costume, and Samantha donned a red, white and blue stove pipe hat. The campers erupted into spontaneous choruses of “The Star-Spangled Banner” throughout the day, and most everyone wore their most patriotic clothing.

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Dinner was a classic cookout of barbeque and hot dogs. One of our very talented CITs, Anna Taite, put her carving skills to use and created a grill out of watermelon with grape skewers atop the grate. We enjoyed Cheerwine served from a wheelbarrow and a spectacular cupcake flag cake. The evening ended with us enjoying a fireworks display.

It was a GREAT day made possible by the combined efforts of our very talented and dedicated staff. I have been so impressed with their creativity. They have risen to the challenge of providing joy and fun while maintaining masking and social distancing standards.

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We have adapted to this new normal, and we are confident our girls are having a terrific time at camp. This realization comes with a lot of emotions. Never before have our girls needed camp more. To see the smiles, to hear their enthusiasm and to watch them interacting with their peers has meant more to us than ever before. Our girls need this time together, and it is truly a privilege to be able to provide it.

There is such fulfillment in the simple things.

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