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What fun it is to be underway with session 2! Another super excited group of girls arrived yesterday. My heart went out to their parents. Goodbyes were hard to grab as the girls left the cars to head up the hill to their cabins. The afternoon and evening went well as we adjusted to our new split schedule. With our increased numbers this session, we are eating in two shifts in order to maintain proper distancing in the dining hall. You will see a split schedule in many other areas as we strive to meet health recommendations.

The split schedule affords several opportunities for cabin creativity. When a sudden, but heavy rainstorm cropped up during a dinner shift, we had cabins that had already finished dancing in the rain. Crabapple, Edgewood and Fairview were thrilled. It was one of the most joyful scenes I have observed this summer. One of our new campers said,

This was the best night in my life. I can’t wait until I can tell my children about the night I danced in the rain at camp.

The counselors were just as enthusiastic as the campers! We also had cabin L’Orioso down on the tennis courts playing Nine Square in the rain. I wish we could share the tremendous happiness we could see on the girls’ faces as they got soaked to their skin. Camp is full of very simple pleasures!

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We are so proud of our girls. They are willing to don masks, to wash or sanitize their hands at every turn, and to socially distance themselves. We all want camp to go well and for everyone to remain healthy. In spite of the new rules, we are laughing, dancing and enjoying being together in a beautiful, carefree place away from screens, increasing case counts and too much time inside.

Camp is a magical place, but never more so than this summer!