Camp From Home Challenge

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As the weather warms we find ourselves daydreaming of camp and what the summer may bring. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and we can’t stop thinking of the days when Keystone will be buzzing again with campers and staff. While most of us are weeks into Stay at Home orders, we all understand how easy it is to get stir crazy. Our hearts are warmed by the many videos and pictures of camp creativity happening at home. In the spirit of keeping camp close to our hearts and choosing to focus on the positive, we have created a challenge for our Keystone Community.

The Keystone 10 Day Challenge will bring the traditions of camp into your home. For many of the activities, you can get the whole family involved. After you have completed a challenge, email us videos or pictures. Complete six out of ten challenges by May 1st to be entered into a drawing to win a t-shirt of your choice from Tuck Shop. For those who complete all ten challenges, your name will be entered twice into the drawing. The series of challenges are designed to start out easy and progress to being a little more involved. You choose where you want to begin.

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Challenge 1- Write a letter to a camp friend and make a friendship bracelet.

Challenge 2- Teach your family your favorite camp song and have them sing it with you!

Challenge 3- Make s’mores at home. They can be made indoors or outdoors.

Challenge 4-Make a cheer for your camp team- Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

Challenge 5- Play a camp game with your family. Llama Llama, Gold Rush, a drama game, etc.

Challenge 6- Create an arts & crafts project! Recreate your favorite craft from camp or find a new one!

Challenge 7- Can you identify 5 plants or trees from your yard? Make us a video!

Challenge 8- Make a miniaturized camp activity for your stuffed animal, like a mini bow and arrow or a mini tennis racket!

Challenge 9- Can you create a fairy garden in your home or backyard? Or create a miniature camp scene out of items you find around the house.

Challenge 10- Make a camp uniform for your stuffed animal.

Have fun “camping” at home! Email us all of your videos and pictures to