Gotta go Back to KC

We love to see how Keystone inspires our campers creativity! Watching Keystone girls perform on stage or simply taking a stroll through the art room, I’m constantly blown away by the talent and creativity our campers possess. Even when the camp season ends and school starts back up, the creativity that summer inspires is still hanging around. It is always a treat to recieve a drawing, song, or poem from a Keystone girl in the dead of winter. It reminds us that soon the camellias will bloom, the lake will be filled, and we will be greated by smiling campers and Dolly’s.

The office was recently moved by a poem written about Keystone. Eva Sanko (aka Chachi) had to do an assignment for class and had to write a sonnet in the same format as the ones in Romeo and Juliet. She told us she had fun writing it and that she always found camp something that she can write about. It is always great to hear how our girls take camp back to school with them and are able to use what they learn and experience here. Thank you for sharing this poem with our community Eva.

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We’ve spent many years making memories,
And not letting time quickly pass us by,
I wish we could have countless centuries,
Then we would never have to say goodbye.

As the days get slower and get longer
and the sun seems to linger in the sky
anticipation grows and grows stronger
Because soon it will be the month July.

Looking forward to all the days of fun
That start with a ring and end with a tap.
when it is done, our wait will have begun.
there will be grief when there is no more gap.

The time where we will never reunite
Always it was not goodbye, but goodnight.