The Keystone Spirit

We had an amazing weekend with 13 staff members taking a break from their busy college schedules to come to Brevard to help us plan for the upcoming summer. What an opportunity to hear from one another as we plan for a great summer!

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We were so fortunate to have both veteran counselors who are moving on to other things in their lives and current summer camp counselors who will form a core team of leadership for Keystone Camp this summer. Joining myself, Heidi, Martha and Mary-Elizabeth were Addie Alexander, Maggie Baker, Krista Baughn, Danielle Gabriel, Caroline Griffith, Olivia Guillebeau, Chloe Harris, Rachel Jordan, Madi Lahey, Katie Lahey, Tori Nothnagel, Olinda Oliveira, and Hayden Patterson. We all closed the weekend beyond excited for camp!

A good portion of our discussion was devoted to identifying that which we most value about Keystone, and I do believe that can be summed up by our spirit. We all so appreciate the growth we see in ourselves and our campers each summer. Keystone is a place that nurtures our inner strengths. We want our girls, both campers and staff, to discover themselves. We want our girls to become their best advocates; to develop the ability to be responsible for their choices; to feel good about the decisions they make for themselves at camp, and when they need help or are questioning what is in front of them, we want them to know that support is standing right by their side. We thrill in our campers’ achievements as they learn new physical skills and new emotional skills. We take pride in seeing our campers become their best selves. When we share that best self with others, our community becomes the strongest it can be, and when we move from summer camp back to our home lives, we continue to carry the skills and strengths with us.

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Each girl at Keystone Camp brings something different to our summer camp community, and what is brought is to be valued and appreciated for the contribution that is made. We stand side by side to share our strengths while at the same time we can lean on each other for support. This is Keystone Camp and this is the Keystone Spirit. We can’t wait to see you this summer!

With love,