Just One Thing Missing...Our Keystone Gals

The countdown to camp is on and we are feeling all sorts of excitement around here! We are smiling and laughing while we plan and build and create and then plan, build and create some more. But really what we are missing are the campers and counselors to share our joy in trying out the new ideas and activities we have coming up in Summer 2018.

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What is new at Keystone?

Well, first off we are adding a new ACTIVITY. That’s right! A new activity that will be taught every Monday through Saturday. Kayaking is coming to Keystone Camp for Girls! The boats, paddles, and skirts are on their way, and some of the life jackets have already arrived. We can’t wait to glide across the Canoe Lake (should we add Kayak to that name?) and practice some rolls in our new program at Keystone.

Nine Sqaure in the Air

Yes, you are supposed to play with nine people but we could only conjure up six to test it out. This is why we can’t wait for summer! We need more people! There are similar rules to Four Square but wait, you get it…there are nine squares and you play with the ball in the air.

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There’s More

But that’s not all…don’t forget we have two new cabins and a swim lake remodel. Those projects are all coming along smoothly… or should I say swimmingly? The dance room is now the COOLEST place on camp because it has air conditioning and nice new color– a shade of serene blue.

All this is to say, camp isn’t camp without our campers. We can’t wait for you!

73 Days from today!