Yellow to our New Key Campers

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We kicked off the weekend with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. During assembly, we announced our evening program: a dance with the Camp Carolina boys! Everyone was at camp for morning and afternoon activities. We ate chicken caesar wraps for lunch and enjoyed a cookout before the dance for dinner! What a perfect way to end the first week of camp.

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We love our Sundays here at Keystone! The girls got to sleep in and come down to eat breakfast as a cabin. We had morning campfire, where the CITs discussed fortitude and truth by reading Oh, The Places You’ll Go! By Dr. Suess. After campfire, there was choice period, lunch, and an extended rest hour where the girls wrote their kamp keys. We also got to welcome our Key Yellow campers! Once we voted for heralds, there was carnival where all the girls got to enjoy activities like ring toss, obstacle course, and trivia. Then, we began team games sign ups for our big game day on Thursday. We ate leftovers for dinner and then headed to evening campfire where levels, 5-year blankets, and 10-year pendants were awarded. We ended the night with taps on the hill.

This all leads us to the start of a new week. We began it with a breakfast of cheesy grits and scrambled eggs. Trips to Frying Pan, Skinny Dip Falls, and canoeing at the Tuck headed out soon after. Later this afternoon, trips to Whale’s Back and Courthouse Falls will leave. After dinner, Dryads get to go to Sliding Rock and enjoy Dolly’s while our Pixies, Elves, and Key campers have cabin adventure here at camp!

We’re looking forward to all that’s ahead in this final week!

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