Cheers to the Weekend

Friday was jam packed. What a great way to close off the first week of July! For breakfast, we ate scrambled eggs and tater tots. The Camp Crafts overnight returned from their adventures in Pisgah. Meanwhile, a climbing trip to Looking Glass, a hike to Rainbow Falls, and another hike to the Cradle of Forestry left in the morning. Before we knew it, it was time for our evening program, Counselor Hunt! The girls split up into team game groups and searched for the hiding counselors.

Before we knew it, it was time for a yummy lunch, where the dance with the Camp Carolina boys was announced. Afternoon activities were shortened to give the girls extra time to get ready in the evening. We had a cookout before the Dryads left for CCB and the Elves and Pixies prepared for the younger CCB boys’ arrival. What a fun night!

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We love our Sundays here at Keystone Camp. Cabins got to sleep in and come to a breakfast of coffee cake in their pajamas. Then, we all prepared for morning campfire by changing into our uniforms. The CITs read Oh, the Places You’ll Go and discussed fortitude and truth. After that, it was off to choice period which included everything from a tennis tournament to washing Duke and KC. A lunch of fried chicken and beans, extended rest hour, and Rainbow Tag soon followed. For Rainbow Tag, the girls split into team game groups. The aim is to collect a colored stripe of paint from each counselor until the camper has completed a rainbow on her arm. The team with the most completed rainbows wins. Congratulations Cherokees!

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Once everyone was washed up and back in their uniforms, we ate dinner and headed to evening campfire where we read Kamp Keys and announced levels. Page answered a few history questions about camp and handed out 24 (wow!) five-year blankets. Then, we did taps on the hill and it was off to bed!

We can’t wait to see what week 2 has in store for July!

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