Camp is in Session

The first few days of camp have been more than fun. We’ve all settled into our cabins and hit the ground running with trips, adventures, and activities.

Monday night, each cabin had their own adventure. We celebrated the summer with everything from hikes and s’mores for our older campers in Faraway and Crow’s Nest to shaving cream paint wars and bead necklace making for our younger girls in Nokomis.

Tuesday was packed full of fun trips. Skylark and Fourwinds took a tubing trip while other girls went climbing at Looking Glass or canoeing at Cascade. In the afternoon, two other trips commenced— one to CoonTree and the other to Caesar’s Head and Wildcat Branch Falls. We enjoyed Ms. Bertha’s coffee cake, eggs, bagels, and cereal for breakfast. For lunch, we ate chicken salad, chickpea salad, and pita bread. For dinner, we had beef tips and carrots.

The girls got to play Gold Rush in the evening and earn points toward their teams (Apache, Shawnee, Cherokee, and Seminole). For Gold Rush, our lovely CITs sprayed rocks around camp gold so that the teams could then collect them for points. Counselors were armed with water guns to add more challenge to the game; if a camper got splashed, she had to drop the rock she was holding and search for another one.

Wednesday was, once again, full of trips! This time, See Off and Crow’s Nest left for tubing in the morning while Camp Crafts led a navigation trip and Canoeing went to Lower Green. In the afternoon, there were trips to hike and swim at Skinny Dip Falls and Whale’s Back.

Dinner was pizza night! Campers grabbed their individual pizzas and found spots to eat with their friends and counselors on the green or by the tuck shop. Evening program quickly followed, based on age groups. Elves and Pixies had a blast at Sliding Rock while Dryads played Minute to Win It in the Pavilion.

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Thursday was filled with adventure for our LITs and AIDEs; they went on a leadership white water rafting trip with some Camp Carolina boys in Tennessee. Our other campers continued with their activities and then everyone gathered for cabin intro skits!

For breakfast on Friday, we ate breakfast casserole and fruit. Lunch was delicious BBQ sandwiches, onion rings, and edamame salad. Dinner was chicken, cooked lentils, and salad. Some of our girls went to Camp Carolina to face the boys in tennis, archery, and riflery. The evening program was counselor hunt! Our counselors hid around camp while the girls gathered into their teams to begin the search. Nokomis also went on their campout and enjoyed s’mores and burgers cooked over a campfire.

This first week was just the beginning; we’re looking forward to what the rest of the session holds! Also, check out our Keystone YouTube channel for weekly recaps of what’s happening here at camp:

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