A Day in the Life of a Keystone Camper

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You may have heard of all the great memories your daughter is making this summer while reading one of her letters or listened to her long list of funny stories when she returned home last summer. Maybe it’s your daughter’s first time at camp and the experience is still new and exciting. Whatever the circumstance, summers at Keystone Camp will surely never be forgotten!

As we enjoy all the sights and sounds of Keystone Camp in full swing, we thought we would share what a day in the life is like at Keystone this summer…

Morning Activities

Good morning, campers! It’s time for cabin clean up then off to one of our favorite camp traditions, flag raising! Campers join arms with their cabin mates and skip down to the flag pole to meet up with the rest of the camp community.

Afterward, it’s time for breakfast – yum! After filling up on their favorite breakfast foods, campers join together for inspiring assembly before arriving at their first activity period.

One of our favorite times of the day features activities like art, canoeing, golf, dance, archery and drama during first and second period! This is the part of the day where new skills are obtained, passions are discovered and confidence is built.

After third and fourth period, campers enjoy a delicious lunch and some rest time before diving into even more afternoon activities!

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Afternoon Activities

Now that campers feel well-rested and ready to go it’s time for the next activity period.

During these activity periods, your daughter is trying new things like rock climbing in the comfort of her loving camp community. She is laughing and cheering on her fellow campers as they practice their newest dance routine. She is trying out a new art medium she’s never done before in the studio. She is meeting new friends while hiking on the serene trails of Pisgah National Forest.

It’s probably no surprise to you that this is the time of day where laugher, claps and cheers can be heard just about everywhere you go around camp!

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Night Time Activities

While the afternoon might be where new skills are learned, night time activities are where the real Keystone magic happens!

After a full day of fun, campers retreat back for dinner then night time activities. The night shines bright with energy as girls circle the campfire for some cheers, dances and camp songs. For this portion of our day, community takes the stage. Night activities join the entire camp family together for some reflection time as all the girls share some of their favorite moments of the day.

Camp starts to wind down as girls return to their cabins for some restful sleep before they have another exciting day of fun tomorrow!