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What will Keystone look like this summer?

At this point, we plan for Keystone to look very similar to how it did in 2020. We are planning to modify camp much the same way so you can all come to see your friends and enjoy the fun activities Keystone has to offer.

Will It Still Feel Like Camp?

We know campers have been through a stressful time, filled with unanticipated change, high anxiety, and disappointments. Keystone will look different this summer, just as it did last summer. This year, we are able to go into the summer confident in our ability to have a blast at camp while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Many campers and staff felt that 2020 was their best year at Keystone, and we plan to make 2021 even better! We believe the spirit of Keystone is more than just the programming or the traditions, and we are committed to providing a camp experience this summer.


Camp will be returning to our regular session schedule. The sessions with dates and rates are available here (https://keystonecamp.com/dates-rates)


All your favorite activities like horseback riding, slide, and archery will still be happening. We are planning for activities to happen in cohorts. You will share an activity schedule with your cabin mates. This summer, you will get two different sets of activities with K days and C days! With our greater understanding of COVID-19, we will be able to tailor some activities, such as horseback riding, to you.


You get to sit with your cabin at every meal! We will be keeping smaller numbers in the dining hall with either staggered mealtimes or outdoor dining. Be assured there will still be singing at lunchtime!

Evening Programs

Martha and MED are working hard to come up with fun and exciting evening programs. Please understand that we will have to modify some evening programs. Prom may not happen in the Pavilion, but be ready to show us your moves out on the tennis courts. To our campers who missed out on their prom at home this year, bring your prom dress!

Handwashing and Temperature Checks

While you are all used to washing your hands before meals, get your 20 second camp songs ready, because we will be washing hands A LOT this summer! You will also be getting your temperature checked each day.

Camp Traditions

Campfire will still happen, but it will happen down by the Green this summer. You will still get to sit as cabins in your crazy creeks and Page will still be reading Kamp Keys each week. Team Games will have to wait until next summer, but we are excited for you to help us come up with new cheers for our new team names! We will also have our new team games t-shirts to buy so you can show your team pride!

Horseback Riding

You will still get the opportunity to ride each day, and all riding classes will occur with your cabin or grade level.


Cabins will still look very similar! You will still have 5-10 cabinmates and 2-3 counselors.


Cabins will still be going on their tubing trip and their campout! At this time, we are waiting for permission to use our State Parks and forests, and once we receive it cabins will be taking swimming, nature, and hiking trips. Parkway sunrises and s’mores at overlooks will still be an option!


There will be opportunities to work on levels, but they will be limited this summer. We are ready to work with you if you are close to your Silver KC, but we ask that you be flexible and understanding because activities will be a little different this year.