Keystone Camp 2023 Guidelines

For summer 2023, we will be open and running according to ever-changing CDC guidelines. Please watch your email inboxes for more information regarding our Covid-19 policies specific to your camper’s 2023 session.


Each family should assess their camper’s and household’s risk in light of the CDC’s list of vulnerable populations. We will require campers to perform daily health checks 10 days before arrival. This form will include:

  • Daily temperature log
  • Information on COVID exposure
  • Information on symptoms in the last two weeks

It is likely that we will ask for each camper to have a PCR COVID test 3 days before coming to camp. We would require a negative test result in hand or on device on opening day.

If your camper has any pre-existing conditions email our nursing director at , prior to arrival.
Campers MUST bring their pre-camp screening form with them on opening day. It is your ticket into camp! Your pre-camp screening form has been emailed to summer 2023 enrolled campers.

Who Should Not Come?

Children of families who are not comfortable with an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. Campers from vulnerable groups, or those living with people from vulnerable groups. If at all possible, we encourage driving to camp. If flying to camp, please take every precaution during travel, including sanitizing, social distance, and the wearing of face masks. Families who cannot be available to pick up their campers within 24 hours of receiving a call from camp.

Opening Day

We will have scheduled drop off times. You will receive designated arrival time via email about a week before Opening Day. Please adhere to your scheduled drop off time to avoid a back up in traffic. Parents will not exit vehicles so you will want to give your hugs before you arrive at camp. All medications should be in its original packaging with clear instructions. See separate section on medication for instructions.

How It Will Work

Cars will pull through our main entrance where you will be greeted by one of our administrative staff. We will have several nurses on staff who will perform a quick health screening right outside the car. Once cleared, you will continue through camp, where a counselor will get your camper out of the car and our maintenance team will unload your camper’s luggage.

  1. Completed 10-day Pre-Camp Health Screening.
  2. Medications in a sealed Ziploc bag.
  3. Negative PCR COVID test results

We will handle your camper’s luggage for you and transport it to their cabins. PLEASE LIMIT LUGGAGE TO:


We plan to have one of your child’s counselors in the vicinity of the car so you can meet her. The counselor will then take your child to the cabin and help her get settled. Our staff are great at making younger girls feel comfortable and older girls feel welcome.

We know how much you want to meet both of your daughter’s counselors and see the camp property. In 2023, you’ll be able to walk around camp with your camper on Closing Day.


Please see the updated 2023 packing list in your CampInTouch account.

A Closed Community - The Imperfect Bubble

No one thing we do will protect our campers, but each adds a layer of protection. We also understand that none of these layers can be done perfectly, which is why having multiple layers is important. We think that a relatively closed community will be an especially important layer, and it is something that we think makes camp better, too. We will continue to take trips to forests and rivers where public interaction is minimal.

All 2023 campers have received this year’s guidelines in your email inboxes. We will continue to update our policies as necessary throughout the summer, based on current situations and guidance from local, state, and federal organizations.