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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keystone Camp open in 2021?

Yes! At this time, we are planning to run Resident Camp for summer 2021. To have a successful summer, we will be implementing changes that align with the CDC, ACA, and NCDHHS guidelines for camp operation. Programming will look similar to last summer to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.

Could camp still be cancelled?

Yes. Our operations are governed by the state of North Carolina. Overnight camps are allowed in Phase 2 of North Carolina’s 3 Phase reopening plan. If the state does not progress as expected through the phasing, there is a chance that camp operations could be suspended. We will be following guidelines from the CDC, American Camp Association, and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and our local county health department to shape our summer 2021 program. We will monitor this rapidly evolving situation and, as we move forward with summer planning, know that we’ll be abundantly transparent on all of our decisions.

Are sessions moving forward as scheduled?

Yes. We are still planning to run camp this summer with our regularly scheduled sessions. You can see the dates and rates of those here

What are the guidelines for Keystone Camp this summer?

Please check out of official guidelines here for opening/closing day information as well as our policies and procedures for operating.

Are You Implementing Additional Health Screenings Prior To Camp?

All campers will be asked to monitor and track their temperature and any COVD-19 symptoms 14 days prior to arrival to camp. We will be sending families a PreCamp Health Screening temperature tracking sheet that must be provided to camp staff at check-in. In addition to the pre-arrival health screenings all campers will undergo a health screening, by a Registered Nurse upon arrival to camp. The opening day screening will include temperature checks, COVID-19 related questions, as well as gathering other health related information that the nurses need to provide the best care to your camper. The nurse will also be gathering any medications that your camper will need during her stay.

How Will You Monitor Camper Health While At Camp?

We have two registered nurses to help with additional monitoring and screening. Campers and staff will have a symptom screening and temperature check daily, and our on-site RN’s will closely monitor the health of all campers and staff. Our nurses document in an electronic health record and are able to run daily reports to assess clusters of symptoms and recognize a potential health threat early.

Is my daughter required to have a Covid test before coming to camp this summer?

Yes, we are planning on using testing to help us mitigate risk of COVID-19 this summer. With symptom checks and limiting social interaction, we are asking campers be tested (PCR Test) before arriving at camp. Keystone will be doing further COVID-19 testing after camper’s arrival at camp.

Are you testing staff this summer? How are you making sure staff minimize their risk while at camp?

Yes. Every staff member will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival at camp. We are also hoping staff members will be vaccinated, as well. Quarantine periods will be built into staff arrival or pre-camp arrival. Staff members who are working a session starting later in the summer will be asked to quarantine and will be tested immediately upon arrival.

Last summer we asked the following of staff members and Summer 2021 will likely have similar restrictions for staff time off: Staff members are not permitted to enter any public restaurant, store, or establishment. For their time off they may get take-away or drive through food while wearing a mask and maintaining appropriate social distancing. They may also go into the Pisgah National Forest to hike in an unpopulated area or drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We have continually trained them on best practices to minimize their exposure and feel confident that they are taking appropriate precautions to maintain the health and safety of our entire camp community.

What Are The Sanitation Protocols?

With a full-time housekeeping staff, we will ensure program spaces and equipment are sanitized between groups. All cleaning supplies meet FDA guidelines. Camp leadership has prepared daily cleaning protocols and schedules for program and housekeeping staff.

What If A Camper Or Staff Shows Symptoms of COVID-19 At Camp?

Keystone Camp is staffed by two Registered Nurses who live at camp and work closely with our local camp physician. If a camper or staff member present with fever and symptoms suspect of COVID-19 they will be placed in a facemask and isolated until the camp physician can examine them that day. Our health center is stocked with the necessary PPE to provide the best care and precautions. If your camper needs to see the physician, our nurse will contact you before and after the visit. If our doctor recommends a COVID-19 test she has these available in her office and will be able to perform the test and send for results. We will follow CDC guidelines for testing and returning to camp or work. If the doctor assesses your camper and feels it is COVID-19, you will be asked to pick up your camper before test results are available. If your camper cannot stay at camp and has had a test run we will contact you with the results.

What if there is a positive COVID case in my daughter’s cabin?

In the event of a positive case, we have been advised by the health department that all campers in the cabin will need to be evaluated three times a day for any symptoms of COVID-19. Our medical staff will recommend when/if it is safe for them to return to their larger cohort. We will likely test the campers in that cabin or send them home based on the advice of our medical professionals.

What if my daughter is sent home due to confirmed or suspected COVID-19 or because someone in her cabin tests positive for COVID-19?

Keystone will offer a 50% prorated refund and offer to roll the remaining 50% prorated balance to 2021.

Is my camper required to wear a face mask?

Yes. Based on the CDC and ACA guidance, campers will be required to wear face masks when it is not possible to be at least 6 feet from another camper not from their cabin group. They will also be required to wear masks in indoor spaces such as arts and craft, the dining hall, or in a vehicle.

How will opening day work?

This will be the most different aspect of camp, and we realize we are asking a lot of you. You will receive an arrival time prior to opening day. It is important to adhere to this time as closely as possible. Your first interaction will be with a member of our admin team and our health staff to complete a thorough health screening from the comfort of your car. From here maintenance staff will unload your trunk and luggage for delivery to the cabin. Because of COVID-19 protocols parents will not be able to leave the parking area. Don’t worry, our cabin staff is excited to help your daughter set up her bed and help her get settled!

How will cabins be organized?

Cabins will still look very similar to past years. You will still have 5-10 cabinmates and 2-3 counselors. We will still do our best to honor your cabin request forms. Keep in mind we organize cabins by grade level. The cabin request form can be found in the forms section of your Camp In Touch account. We are reorganizing bunks to create additional space between beds as suggested by the ACA and CDC guidelines.

How will programming look different?

We will be modifying activities and evening programs to meet CDC and ACA guidelines. Camp activities will happen in smaller groups or cabin families. Camp leadership has been looking at every component of camp to maintain as much of the Keystone Camp experience as possible. Overall, campers will experience camp with their cabin and a buddy cabin. With our increased knowledge about the spread of COVID-19, we will be able to tailor camper’s activity schedules when it comes to Horseback Riding

What about activities?

Campers will get the chance to try a broader range of activities this summer. Activities will occur in cabin groups or grade levels. Each schedule will be tailored to the cabin group. Popular activities such as high ropes, jewelry making, archery, swimming, and many more will still be offered. We are still developing exactly how activities will run this summer. Rest assured that there will be lots of fun and exciting activities as well as some new surprises!

What about Cabin Campouts, Off Camp Trips and Tubing Trips?

At this point we still plan to offer these experiences. Trips will be limited to areas in the outdoors where we can maintain safe social distancing. Most of our trips typically happen in our local forests and rivers where social distancing is easy to maintain. Cabin traditions such as campouts and tubing trips will still occur.

What about Horseback Riding?

Horseback Riding and Horsemanship will still be offered this summer. Campers will have a chance to ride each day, and these lessons will occur, for the most part, in cabin groups. If there is a cabin that does not wish to ride, but a single camper within that cabin does, we will tailor her schedule to accommodate her.

What about evening programs and ceremonies?

We know that these are a special part of the camp experience. This year however, they will require social distancing between cabins. We are working to redesign every evening program possible to fit this requirement.

When is the final payment for my daughter’s session due?

Final payment is due April 1st.

Will my camper still be able to work on levels and towards her Silver KC this summer?

Activities will look different this year, and although there will be chances to work on levels, they will be more limited than in past years.

Will It Still Feel Like Camp?

We know campers have been through a stressful time, filled with unanticipated change, high anxiety, and disappointments. Keystone will look different this summer, just as it did last summer. This year, we are able to go into the summer confident in our ability to have a blast at camp while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Many campers and staff felt that 2020 was their best year at Keystone, and we plan to make 2021 even better! We believe the spirit of Keystone is more than just the programming or the traditions, and we are committed to providing a camp experience this summer.